T Magazine: Changing History in a Bottle

I've been fascinated by the power of scent for a very long time. Attributed to a mild form of synesthesia, and having learned to cook as a child by nose rather than recipe, olfactory delight is one of my 'simple pleasures'.  To uncover the different notes in a perfume, candle, or exotic dish is both satisfying and inspiring- an element of self-remembrance and discovery living in each attribute. For example, rose I have always been partial to, a mysterious maternal scent that first sets my shoulders at ease, the same relaxation offered by my nonna's arms. By the end of an inhale, I'm exhaling memories and travels and micro-moments associated with my experience of rose. 

An introspective, personal introduction to a great article on two pioneers who are building on a history of horticulture and tradition to create the first new perfume rose in decades. 

Francis Kurkdjian and Fabien Ducher, Changing History in a Bottle
Diandra BarsalouComment