Chez Conversations: The All Female NYC Collective You Need to Know

Isn’t She Lovely debuted today, a short film by Liza Voloshin starring Margot. The two are part of a five-woman collective called Chez Conversations, which also includes Cleo Wade, Kate Greer, and Mia Moretti. The collective curates events, hosts evenings, creates music, video, illustrations, and executes bespoke installations with a brand of daring, powerful, and gritty elegance that comes from the power of a female tribe that has tapped their dreams. Last month they hosted three nights of art, music and performance installation in New Orleans during the Jazz and Heritage Festival weekend. They have collaborated with The Smithsonian, Mac Cosmetics, and numerous New York artists.

Isn’t She Lovely is an exploration by Margot, who, according to Vogue Italia, after coming off tour in Asia with Katy Perry “spotted a yellow guitar and bought it on impulse, even though the classically trained violinist had never played the instrument. Margot went home and wrote Isn’t She Lovely that afternoon, strumming the chords on the vintage strings. The song is a love note to your lover’s new lover. The woman his heart belongs to now that it no longer belongs to you.”

The song was put into moving image by Liza Voloshin, who wrote and directed the music video in her signature vintage style, filmed at her family home in the Berkshires. Premiering tonight to a private penthouse audience in the East Village, hosted of course in true Chez Conversations style, Isn’t She Lovely is a testament to the power of a few good friends who share a vision and take time to realize each other’s dreams.

By Diandra Barsalou for New York Girl Style