A moment of poetry, untitled.

We flatten each other into facets
scattering brilliance from our mouths as we circle
like blind wolves
swishing it into corners with our tails

My heart like a gif every time you look at me
As we dull each other down
in a continuous loop, the new polaroid
beating every moment we’ve lived
inside my chest at once

I cant help but hold my elbows in
and draw the lines on my skin
trace the million pieces I could make
where all I want is the tips of your fingers
to urge them away
the heat of your palm to melt them into gold

I feel the splitting yearn of a mourner
who wants to grieve for one yet dead
crunching diamonds in his teeth
they spill in shimmers as he open-mouth dreams
listening for her breath.

The dog places his head on my knee
Lays his bone at your feet, where they toe these lines.
Either way we will be who we are.

Diandra BarsalouComment