Feature: Valley Eyewear

This afternoon I sat at the island with the sun streaming through my windows and Austin the poodle snoring away in doggie bliss. I was set for a Coachella/Spring Summer must haves post. The usual rock 'n' roll infused boho look. A mix of vintage frayed shorts, biker books, a delicate lace bralette to peak out from a distressed tank and some sort of fine silk kimono number that photographs like a feather in the breeze... And then I realized that each look would probably just have been a different interpretation of the 'festival feel' that comes around each year this time. Instead, this post is dedicated to sunglasses, a festival must-have and the stars of any sunny day. I've fallen completely in love with an Australian line called Valley Eyewear, and their entire concept encompasses the Coachella spirit and much more.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 3.18.26 PM.png

Michael Crawley, a native of Australia, created Valley Eyewear after eight years with Quiksilver. He worked in their creative department, team management with the Quicksilver pro surf team and had an in-house optical line that still wasn't quite manifesting his inspiration. After a tour of the French production factory for Quicksilver's line Velvet Skull Machina, he fell in love with the process and decided to just go out and do it himself. His key words are quality and originality, which backs up 11 kick-ass frames from Valley's debut collection. He has teamed up with Carl Zeiss to create the line and it definitely shows. What I love most about the brand is that they've managed to capture an entire jet-set lifestyle in each quirky, oversized frame. Sun, surf, music, bikes and desert wind come to mind. When I roll out the door the last thing I do is set the attitude of an outfit by tossing on some shades and having a quick dance party on my way past the mirror. I'm waiting for a pair of Wolves or DBs (top left, left center) to greet me at the front door.