Ocean hair

Almost everybody wants it, that toussled summertime look that comes from a sun-kissed day at the beach.  I like to think of it as a very poetic process in which my ocean-bathed hair soaks up all the best moments of the day- the refreshing tingle of that first dive into the water, the best wave, laughter and jokes over food and drinks after a surf session, the sunset... Ok so I'm waxing poetic here when really it's a combination of the salt content and whatever else might be enjoying that tropical water, possibly on a microscopic scale?  The best beach hair I've ever had was this past week after a paddle boarding session here on Maui. We'd carried our boards down to the beach after work and stayed out for an hour or two catching some little waves and attempting head stands and crow poses. This mostly ended up in me nose diving off the front of my board in a most un-dolphin like way and scaring the unusually high amount of turtles that were hanging out. I flew to Oahu the next day and had my 'outer island' hair for the rest of the week.


However, I'm going to admit the water wasn't the sparkliest I've ever seen, as said turtles, well, go to the bathroom just like everybody else. I am calling this the secret ingredient- it's the only variable I can come up with, and if it makes my hair look summery and gypset for a week I'm on board. There was, however a shark attack at that beach the next day so maybe it was turtle-shark-beach-hair?

For those who aren't jetting off on a sun vacation this winter but are still dreaming of an endless summer, there is still a way to get the look without spending a ridiculous amount on designer potions and sprays. The main ingredient is salt.

What you'll need: empty spray bottle, sea salt, coconut oil, measuring cup and teaspoon. Fill your spray bottle with water, add a tsp each of coconut oil and sea salt, and dissolve. You can also add essential oils for scent and a touch of hair gel to better hold the waves. My recommendation for store bought product if you're not feeling diy is Bumble & Bumble surf spray, which is my go-to when I'm not near the ocean and need a quick fix.