American Thanksgiving

Feeling especially blessed to have been able to celebrate a second thanksgiving for the first time. Yesterday was complete as almost the perfect day- surfing by Lahaina with friends and turtles, we then had a beautiful thanksgiving spread at a property near Huelo. The one thing that was missing- Cranberry sauce. I leave you with the lingering morning buzz of a meal in good company and the thankfulness that comes from being happy and content in one evening, whatever the future may hold. Also, a recipe for cranberry sauce that I'm deifnitely trying out for Christmas.


Candied Ginger Cranberry Sauce

1 bag (12 oz.) fresh cranberries
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup triple sec
3-4 pieces candied ginger
1 tablespoon lemon zest

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until desired texture is achieved. You can leave it more rustic and chunky, or make a smooth ruby sauce. As you wish.


Good luck for black Friday. Serious business here!